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Evaluations may include parent interviews, formal assessments, checklists, and/or playtime. The evaluation determines if your child could benefit from therapy. We will also establish goals for your child at the end of the evaluation.

Speech + Language Therapy

We deliver evidence-based and individualized therapy to meet functional speech and language goals. Every child learns differently and based upon our intake, evaluation, and parent collaboration, we determine the best approach for your child. Therapy can be a combination of play-based, routines-based, and/or explicitly teaching speech and language skills.

Literacy Tutoring

We have been trained by the Orton Gillingham (OG) Academy, and we use the OG approach to provide structured, systematic, and multi-sensory literacy therapy. We incorporate phonological awareness tasks, handwriting, alphabet recognition, letter/sound correspondence, sight words, and more.

Parent Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than a parent using speech and language strategies within the child’s everyday environment. Parent-coaching involves educating the parent and/or caregiver on how to implement speech and language strategies. We will show you how to turn your daily life into opportunities for communication growth. 

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Specialty Areas

Autism spectrum disorders

Early intervention

Fluency disorders and stuttering

Speech sound disorders (articulation/pronunciation)

Receptive and expressive language delays/disorders

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