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Welcome to
Embrace Speech + Language Therapy

where we embrace neurodiversity & individual differences


Our Services

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We provide comprehensive evaluations to determine if your child could benefit from speech, language, and/or literacy therapy. 

We deliver evidence-based and individualized therapy to meet functional speech and language goals. 

Literacy Therapy

We deliver evidence-based and individualized therapy to meet functional speech and language goals. 


About Me

Layla Safinia, MA, CCC-SLP
Owner and Speech Language Pathologist

I’m Layla, the owner and speech-language pathologist (SLP) at Embrace Speech & Language Therapy. I am a state-licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologist practicing in SF proper. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota in Spanish Studies and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, with a minor in Neuroscience. I went on to complete my Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Texas at Austin.


Next Steps

getting started


Contact Us

Contact Embrace Speech and Language Therapy either via email, phone, or through the website form. We offer a free 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation.


Schedule Appointment

We will schedule our first meeting as either an intake or evaluation session based on your child’s needs. 


Therapy Time!

Layla will determine the appropriate frequency of therapy based on your child’s needs. Typically, clients are seen 1-3x/week (ranging from 30-60 minutes).

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What People Say...

"My son gets to work with Layla and she has been so amazing in his language development.  Things that we just thought he would never really understand, he learned so easily with her!  We are constantly amazed with her skills and abilities! She also is able to figure out how language plays a role in issues that we have outside of our sessions and it has really opened our eyes and helped us understand.    She noticed how although he could communicate to meet a lot of his needs, there were challenges understanding more complex forms of language and this was affecting his ability to follow directions accurately and creating conflict/confusion.  She teaches him things in a really explicit way, but with enough variety that he is able to easily generalize it to other settings and other variations.  In addition to all of these great things about her, she also seems to genuinely care about him.  She's always kind, understanding, patient, and she notices and utilizes his strengths while strengthening his weak areas.  Her lessons with him are always tailored exactly to his very specific and complicated needs so I know it's a lot of work for her, but she does it for the joy of watching him do what he wasn't able to do before.  We feel so lucky to have her."

Parent, 8-year-old
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